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Mission Statement

To serve, protect, inform, and empower the concerned residents of Lopatcong Township and its surrounding communities.

To advocate, organize, and facilitate the collective efforts of local volunteers working toward the greater good of our community.

To protect the quality of our air, water, and natural resources.

To protect our home and property values as well as the rural quality of our area.

To STOP the construction of Intercounty Paving’s Flagship Asphalt Operation in Lopatcong.

To work toward the establishment of a new organization, apart from Lopat Speaks, that will serve as a watchdog group for the continued protection of our community. Lopat C.A.R.E.S. (Lopat Citizens Alliance for Responsible Executive Stewardship) will have the sole purpose of maintaining awareness of and participation in local government activities, decisions, elections, and leadership.  Lopat C.A.R.E.S. will serve as a bipartisan group to promote responsible management and accountability at every level of local government.

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